A sickness crosses the Land

More of a decay than a sickness. The decay is from rot and corruption, and it is spreading at a fever pitch. There is an old adage that goes; America can never be destroyed from the outside, if America is to be destroyed it must come from the inside. Truer words could never have been said, but those words were said long ago. That was the America that was.

This is the America that is. America is being destroyed by the rot and corruption that exists on the inside. If that were not enough rot and corruption are being brought inside from the outside. Much like a piece of lumber under attack from termites and exposure the elements. Both eating away, both causing irreversible damage.

There is another old adage that goes; An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This country at one time had all the tools necessary to prevent rot and corruption. That was then this is now.

The Reverse Revolution was mentioned in the last post. Just a refresher: A revolution, like the American Revolution, was waged to throw off the yoke of tyranny and oppression inflicted on the colonials and the country by an unjust government. A Reverse Revolution, like the one being waged against the American people, is being waged to put the yoke of tyranny and oppression on the people and the country by an unjust government.

The sad part is that the government is using one of this countries most cherished founding documents to do it. The government is using none other than The U.S. Constitution in an attempt to place the yoke of tyranny and oppression upon the neck of America. The equal protection clause is at this time is their favorite weapon in this war. The equal protection clause was to protect the people not their causes or lifestyles. But even the usage of the equal protection clause is not used equally. It is used only if it benefits government and the politicians who occupy Constitutional Office and helps to fulfill their agenda.

If any do not believe that the Constitution is being used to place the yoke of tyranny and oppression around the neck of America, I suggest that you read the following; The Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Arms. Check the list of offenses the British Crown committed against the Colonies and the Colonials. One that stands out is the arbitrary nullifying of Laws. Case in point, the State of Florida, as did many others, had until recently a law on the books banning same-sex marriage. The people voted on it and it passed and became Law in Florida and many other states. That was then this is now. The SCOTUS ruled, no legislative process they just ruled, and the country was forced to recognize same-sex marriage in all 50 states and the District of Columbia as being a right. Laws were over-turned and the peoples voice was silenced. The same goes for abortion, that too was legalized by SCOTUS, now it has been revealed that this great nation has been reduced to allowing the sale of body parts and organs of the unborn, and giving millions to the agency responsible. What other horrors has the SCOTUS unwittingly un-leashed on America? Only time will tell. There will probably be many and they too will be horrendous.

The other day I was visiting various blogs, one of the many that I frequent, It was a “prepper” blog. Yep, I read opinion, politics, history, prepper and conspiracy theory sites. The part that caught my attention in the post I was reading was about the Constitution. The author was writing about a prepper community and if they survived the event someone would have to rebuild America, he suggested that every one in the community have a copy of the Constitution as a guide to rebuilding America. I do not think the author realized that even though the Constitution was written by good and decent men, it is being used now as the instrument for the destruction of America.
On a side note: Conspiracy theories are only theories until that theory becomes fact.
The preppers are nothing like the reality show. How do I know? Guess. The preppers are not some fringe group. If prepping is a fringe activity, explain this. The Federal government has a fully staffed and equipped prepper agency, FEMA, paid for with your tax dollars. If it is okay for the government, why is it only a fringe activity if the citizens do it? The preppers use their own money.

Back to the Constitution, as I said it was written by good and decent men. It is only worth the paper it is written on if good and decent men meant it when they take the oath to uphold it. You would be hard pressed to find good and decent men among career politicians.

The rot and corruption that is destroying America must be stopped. It can be stopped by electing good and decent men to Constitutional office. We do not need more politicians we need more statesmen. We need statesmen who will pledge their lives, their sacred honor and their fortunes. We do not need politicians who intend to make a fortune while holding office. It can also be stopped by a Press that fulfills its obligation to the people, by holding the government accountable. It can be stopped by a citizenry that understands that if they wish to reap the benefits of living in America they must bear the burden of supporting it.


Upside Down and Backwards

Who would have ever thought America would reach this point? The point of being upside down and backwards. Being born in the 1950’s I remember an America that was right side up and moving forward. That was the America that was and now we have the America that is.

I remember a time when signs of national pride were everywhere. Classes in School were interrupted, a television was brought in and we would watch the rocket launches in an attempt to get an American on the moon. There were pictures and portraits of the presidents, the signing of the Declaration of Independence and many other American historical events and historical figures aka heroes. Copies and renditions of the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, The Ten Commandments were everywhere. Flags were raised and lowered according to custom and tradition, Old Glory, the State Flag and yes even the Confederate Battle Flag. The Flags were respected even revered. Memorial Day brought about the most beautiful action possible, honoring the fallen. Flags were placed at the grave of each fallen soldier that lost their lives in service to their country. The soldiers of Confederate States of America were honored the same as the soldiers that lost their lives in service to the United States of America. The graves of fallen Confederate soldiers had a small Confederate battle Flag placed near their headstone. The fallen U.S. soldiers had a small U.S. Flag placed near their headstone. Respect and Dignity. Religious symbols were on public display. Statues were erected to honor men of the past and they too were on pubic display. All of this and much more and no one was offended. America was exceptional. That is the America that was. That was the America I and so many of you grew up in.

Now we have a country that has been turned upside down. There is a movement to remove any sign of and deny all national pride. It is ushered and encouraged by the Federal Government. We have a president who felt the need to go around the world on an apology tour, apologizing for America and even to declare that America was no more exceptional than any other country. He alone declared that there is no American exceptionalism. The religious symbols are slowly but surely being removed from public display on public land and from public buildings. As a matter of fact each and everything listed above is in danger. It seems that America and its greatness has become offensive. The truly sad part is that it is the citizens of America that enjoy lie here are the ones who are most offended by America. This is the America that is. This is the America that future generations will grow up in.

There was a time when the citizens of America were a resilient and hardy people. A time when a set-back or failure was viewed as another opportunity to succeed or at least try to succeed and keep trying. There was a time when the citizens of America were a self-reliant and self-sufficient people. They would do for themselves and provide for themselves. During times of exceptional hardships or severe set-backs these people would accept a hand-up never a hand-out. The hand-up came from the neighbors or the Churches. Repayment came in the form of helping another if they needed it. That is the America that was. That was the America I and so many of you grew up in.

Now we have a country that has been turned upside down. Through government programs and conditioning of the citizenry resiliency and hardiness are long forgotten or rarely practiced by the young. Now a set-back causes despair. The same government programs have conditioned some of the population to the point that they are no longer self-reliant or self-sufficient. There is no need to do or provide for themselves, the government will do that for them. They have become conditioned and accustomed to living on government hand-outs. The government does not and is not in the habit of offering a hand-up, their specialty is giving hand-outs. A friend will offer a hand-up, the government will give you a hand-out. The government is not your friend. What the government gives to one it takes from another. Again, each and every trait and attribute listed above is in danger. The government is about power and control. It is hard to rule over a population that is resilient, hardy, self-reliant and self-sufficient they can be governed but not ruled. On the other hand is easy to rule over a population that exhibits none of those qualities and is totally dependent on government. This is the America that is. This is the America that future generation will grow up in.

I could go on about the America that was and the America that is in regards to: The Judicial Branch legislating from the bench. The Legislative Branch abdicating its power to the Executive and Judicial Branches. The Executive Branch Usurping power. Immigration, legal and illegal. Amnesty for illegal aliens. Gun Control. And so many other examples of how America has turned upside down and backwards. I almost forgot to address the backwards part, so here it is.

There was a time in America when the yoke of tyranny and oppression became so heavy and oppressive that a group of brave men staked their Lives, their Fortunes and Sacred Honor to wrest the Colonies from rule by a tyrannical dictator and a tyrannical form of government. The Revolutionary War was waged against The British Crown and Great Britain to cast of the yoke of tyranny and oppression. The British Crown chose to have and fight that war, the Colonists did not want war. The Colonists only wanted to govern themselves and be left alone. The crown wanted to rule the Colonists. There are only two ways to get a person to see your point of view, Reason and Force. The Crown would not listen to reason, option 2 force was exercised. A Revolution is normally to through off and abolish a form of government. That is the America that was.

Now we have a country that has turned backwards. Not so much the country but the government. It seems that the government, all three branches along with the various departments and agencies has declared a war against the citizens through their onerous rules and regulations. Not to mention a total disregard to the will of the people. It cold be seen as a Reverse Revolutionary War, on in which the government is attempting to place the yoke of tyranny and oppression around the necks of the citizenry. As stated above, there are only two ways to get a person to come to your point of view, Reason and Force. This is the America that is or may become. It is or may become the America the America we are forced to live in as well as future generations.

This is a good time to mention one of the greatest fictional literary works, at least in my opinion. 1984 by George Orwell, it was either fiction or a look into the future. It is beginning to appear as a glimpse of what he future holds for us.
Two parts come to mind and need to addressed.
First is the Memory Dump. A hole in the wall going to a chute where everything went that Big Brother said was to be erased from existence, like it never happened. Big Brother decided what was the truth and what never happened. Is the intent is to relegate the Confederacy and all associated with it to the Memory Dump? Are the attempts to destroy all signs of the Confederacy an effort to deny it ever existed? The Confederacy will not be relegated to the memory dump, it existed and will for evermore be a part of the American history. The A in the U.S.A. and the C.S.A. stood for the same thing America. No you will not get to deny the Confederacy existed.
Second is the Ministry of Love. The place where non-conformists were sent, and in some cases those that knew the truth. They were sent there to be re-educated and conform or just to disappear. FEMA Camps anyone.

To what ends?

It has been said that “the ends justify the means”. There was also a statement to the effect of “fundamentally changing America”, which should have been to the effect of “radically changing America”. America has certainly been “fundamentally changed” by “radicals” in government, from the executive branch to the judicial branch including the legislative branch. The legislative branch has willingly abdicated its powers and responsibilities to the executive branch and in some instances to the judicial branch. The judicial branch has usurped powers from the states and nullified the voices(votes) of the people. The executive branch, well.

The SCOTUS has usurped the power and assumed authority to legalize same-sex marriages in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Regardless of state laws and without regard to the will of the people. The judicial branch has apparently assumed the role of legislating from the bench. Apparently the States have no rights and the people have no say.

Same-sex marriage was a “social issue”, and what was once a social issue was taken up by the courts and is now law. There are dangers when social issues are taken up by the courts, and especially dangerous when they become law. They are enacted without the legislative process. There was no bill from congress, passed by congress then sent to the president for signature that would allow same-sex marriage throughout the land. Ask yourself why? The answer is this, the politicians would have committed political suicide if they passed such a bill. They relied on the courts to decide that one, again abdicating their powers and responsibilities. Much the same way they decided to “deal with Obamacare”, they let the courts decide that one too.

Breaking down the saying “the ends justify the means”. The “ends” refers to the finishing of or arriving at the goal. The means refers to the route taken or the object or method used.

Now that the SCOTUS has legalized same-sex marriages, all the same-sex couple has to do is to pay a fee to obtain a marriage license and find a place to “tie the knot”. There are many options available but I will only discuss three.
1. Go to the Justice of the Peace. This avenue will garner a few but it does not make a “statement”.
2. Go to a Mosque. This avenue will garner none, in the muslim world homosexuality is punishable by death. No Iman will perform a wedding ceremony for homosexuals and no one will force a muslim to perform the ceremony. Political Correctness, you know, fear of offending the muslims. Homosexuality is against their religion.
3. Go to a Christian Church. This avenue will garner the most activity. Why you ask? Because it makes a “statement”. The homosexual community will go to a Christian Church and demand to be married in the church, knowing it is against their religion. The government will step in and force the church to perform the ceremony. There is no fear of offending a Christian. Besides the government has the power through the IRS to cause financial hardships on the Church by revoking the tax exempt status.

So, with the above in mind consider this. If the “ends” were to destroy Christianity in America the “means” to do so is legalizing same-sex marriages. If a Pastor of a local Church is approached to perform a same-sex marriage he has two choices.
1. Deny the request only to be forced by the government to do so.
2. Perform the ceremony, which violates the basic tenants on which Christianity is founded, marriage is between a man and a woman. If the Pastor performs the ceremony the people who attend church will leave the church as the basic tenants of Christianity are no longer followed by the Church. Darned if you do, darned if you don’t. No way to win. How many Churches will remain if no one attends? NONE.

The Church could voluntarily give up the tax exempt status and avoid pressure by the IRS. But you still have the DOJ to contend with, namely in the form of the civil rights division. Legalizing same-sex marriages has by default made it a right, a civil right, and we know how the current administration views denying someone their civil rights. The LBGT community probably has their own version of the reverend waiting in the shadows ready to visit at a moments notice.

The above references to the Christian Church refer only to the physical building, not the religion or to the real “church”. The building is only a place to gather for worship and fellowship. The Pastor is the leader, the authority figure. If the Pastor is ill or cannot make it to “Church” there is another who can lead the service. The Christian religion lives in the heart of the Christian. The Church is the Christian.

The legalizing of same-sex marriage will not destroy Christianity in America. It may cause “Churches”(buildings) to close, but the Religion and the real Church(the Christian) will endure and flourish. It may even cause Christianity to go “underground” for a time. Christians may be persecuted, but that is nothing new. Neither one is.

Legalizing same-sex marriages was just another vain attempt by man to think he knows better than God. We as man are but ashes and dust temporarily inhabiting a body, and to ashes and dust we shall return when our time on earth is finished. God has always been and will always be.

The attempt to destroy Christianity in America may just be a point along the way to the ultimate “ends” the total and utter destruction of America itself. Most houses undergo destruction or demolition from the roof down. Even though the house is destroyed the foundation remains. A new house can be built on the existing foundation, providing the foundation was strong enough to withstand the demolition of the house. To erase all signs of the original house the foundation must also be destroyed.

The United States was built on a strong and solid foundation. The United States was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, that is our foundation. The founding documents make a reference to the Creator of the Universe. There is also reference to the Laws of Nature and of nature’s God. There is also a reference to being endowed by their Creator.

Christianity has long been under attack and assault by the liberal progressives. Not just Christianity it is the symbols of the Christian religion. What the liberal progressives and at times the SCOTUS are engaged in is the chipping away at the foundation of the house in an attempt to bring down the house and remove all signs that it once existed. The House that was and is America. There is a more powerful force in this universe than the liberal progressives. You have weakened the house but the house still stands.

Two passages came to mind when I heard the decision by the SCOTUS.
1. Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do. Then I thought, yes they do they are vain and stupid.
2. Jesus wept. Then I thought He probably did.

Merry Christmas

As we, meaning the entire Earth, celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. No other birth in history has so impacted the world, and the birth of no other is celebrated in so many nations on Earth. The birth of Jesus Christ was a gift to mankind and marked the beginning of Christianity.
Many millions around the globe will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in secrecy for fear of persecution from other religions, or perhaps from their own religion. Many more will celebrate in secrecy for fear that they will be exposed as frauds. Many more will not celebrate at all because of non-belief, yet they still participate in the festivities, even if only getting a paid holiday.
Many thousands tonight will not be with their families as the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated, duty calls. Tonight there will be many, military service members serving in far and distant lands, some here in America will be performing some required duty and will not be at home during this joyous occasion. There will be many Law Enforcement Officers, Firemen, Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses and Private Security that will be on their posts instead of with their families. Many more will be at home as they are not required to man a post, but are ready to answer the call should it come. Selfless service and dedication to their fellow-man.
There will be some on their post tonight that were not required to be there, they will have voluntarily taken the place of another. Again an example of selfless service and dedication to their fellow-man.
There will be many Churches and Houses of Worship open tonight, members of the Clergy will be available to offer counsel and advice. Selfless service and dedication to their fellow-man through service to the Lord.
Today is Christmas Eve, and all of this will happen this year as in years past. Tomorrow, Christmas Day all of this will happen once more and there will be even more.
The Homeless Centers and Shelters will be brimming with activity. Meals will be prepared and served. Clothing and Food will be given to the needy. These people are all volunteers and voluntarily give their time and energy to anyone who even appears to be in need. Selfless Service and Dedication in action.
If you travel today or tomorrow to visit friends or family and happen to pass an open Church, stop by for a moment. If you see a fellow-man in need lend a hand.

The absence of “festive illumination” at or around a home does not mean that the inhabitants are not Christians or live in fear of persecution. It may simply mean that the inhabitants celebrate the “True meaning of Christmas”. Jesus Christ was the Gift to mankind. Have you opened your Christmas Gift?

Merry Christmas, and may the spirit of Christmas live in your heart everyday.

Marksmanship Part 2 getting to know your rifle

The best and most expensive rifle will not make a poor shooter a better shooter, but even a mediocre rifle in the hands of a person who knows and understands his or her rifle can produce amazing results. The next step to becoming a marksman requires you to do your homework, go to your local store, get some range time and avoid the urge to hasten the process. You bought your rifle because you liked it, now you must find out what your rifle likes. First I must clear this up, this post is intended for hunting rifles and not the modern sporting rifles, you know the ones that are often referred to as “assault rifles”. They are not assault rifles they are modern sporting rifles, most of the blame for the misnomer is the fault of the manufacturers, but I digress. As stated before I am a hunter and I can not eat it if I miss it.

To find out what your rifle likes you will need the following:

1. Ammunition with different bullet (projectile) weights but take only one weight with you.
2. Targets, good sturdy targets mounted on a backing board, I avoid the use of “bleeding” targets as they tend to cause the shooter to adjust the point of aim.
3. one inch stick-on dots.
4. A magnifying glass.
5. Notebook and pen, not a pencil.
6. A ruler.
7. A timer.

The first issue to address is the clean cold bore (ccb). The first shot from a rifle is considered to be a throw away shot by some but not by me. If I know where the bullet will impact I will know where to aim to achieve the desired result, you may only have one chance. There is no clean bore, some are cleaner than others but it should be cold. Run a clean lint free patch or two through the barrel to remove dust and any remaining oil and solvent used in cleaning, this will lessen the effects of a clean cold bore on the first shot.

Target placement and set-up. The first target placed no further than 50 yards away, I start at 25 yards. On the first place 2 one inch stick on dots, I use orange, one in the center of the target and one-off center half way between the outer edge and center. The reason for two dots is simple, it is to find out how the clean cold bore effects the flight of the projectile on the first shot. The off-center dot should be your point of aim for the first shot only. The center dot should be the point of aim for the remaining shots. Keep your point of aim the same, sight alignment and sight picture. There should be no less than 30 seconds between shots, but not enough time to allow the barrel to cool completely. If the shots are fired to close together the barrel will heat and have an effect on bullet trajectory. Retrieve your target and mark it with the weight of the projectile and which hand you used right of left. Place another target at the same yardage and use the other hand, remember you should be able to use both effectively. If enough time has elapsed for the barrel to cool repeat the process with two dots, run a patch or two through the barrel to remove loose fouling. Time permitting and if you choose try different distances, I prefer to take it one step at a time, but continue using bullets of the same weight. At the completion of this stage the work really begins. You can do the following steps at home or while still at the range, remember other shooters as this is very time-consuming. Now is where you will need the ruler, the magnifying glass, notebook and pen. First measure the distance from the point of aim to the point of impact of the clean cold bore shot, then measure the remaining impact points to determine the minute of angle, look for anything 2 inches or less. Using the magnifying glass look at each hole in the target to determine if the bullet was climbing or descending on impact, the tears in the paper will tell you what the bullet was doing. Record all of this in the notebook.

On the next trip to the range use the same weight bullet at a different distance and repeat the entire process. As I stated this is a time consuming process but the results are well worth the investment in time and money.

You will notice that no mention was made about adjusting anything, that is because this is not the time to adjust anything, not sights and certainly not a scope if one is mounted. It might just be that your rifle does not like that weight bullet.

On subsequent trips to the range try a different weight bullet and repeat the above process. Note any differences in feeding and extracting as they may help identifying what your rifle likes. Once you have found the weight bullet your rifle prefers that is the time to make any needed adjustments for accuracy. But what to do with the left over ammunition of the weight your rifle liked least? Save them for a rainy day, you already have notes on how they will perform. Practice with the same weight as your hunt with.

Good hunting, shoot straight, kill clean.

Marksmanship Part 1 The one behind the trigger

This is a continuation of teach them young teach them correctly. The process of taking a novice shooter to the level of a marksman is a long and arduous process. There are many that will disagree with my suggestions for various reasons running from that will never work to all that I write on this matter is pure B.S., to those who disagree, I say open your Mind and your Eyes and give what I suggest a try.

The majority of my marksmanship skills have come from years of hunting. The majority of my bad habits came from my time in the U.S. Army. Being right-handed and right eye dominate the Army only taught me to shoot right-handed, never with my left and to use only my right eye never my left. At that time in the Army they would break any bad habits the country boys brought with them. The first thing my drill sergeant said when weapons were issued was “that ain’t your hunting rifle”. It took years to drop the bad habits and retrain myself to be a true marksman.

Being a hunter and with knowledge of the outdoors and reading sign in the woods has taught proper placement of a portable tree stand to ensure success. The problem is that animals do not always place themselves in front of me and my rifle. If the animal cooperated and placed itself anywhere from my fight front quadrant to my extreme left it would provide meat for me and my family. However if the animal failed to cooperate and was any where beyond my right front quadrant to my extreme right side it was safe. I was hunting the same way I had been retrained to shoot right-handed only and had been doing it for years. I thought I had only two choices, 1 wait for the animal to move to a spot where I could shoot or 2 move around in the tree stand and that choice could have two possible outcomes 1 scare the animal away or 2 risk falling to certain injury, neither was acceptable. I had another choice and that was the course I took, I retrained my self to shoot equally well with either hand.

Not only had I lost the skill to shoot with either hand I had also developed the habit of squinting the non-dominate eye, I only realized that fact when I first tried to shoot left-handed, I could not see the sight, my eye was closed. I had not realized that I was missing half of the world all those years, sitting there with one eye closed behind the rifle.

Now I shoot with both eyes open and with either hand again, but I do at times catch myself squinting, but at least I recognize it and correct it now.

Whether or not you are a hunter these skills are important. If you already possess and use the skills and are passing them down, good on you. If you do not remember and pass this along, if you have two hands use them equally well and if you have two eyes keep them both open there is a world on both sides and it is not always friendly.

Teach them young teach them correctly

In a discussion the other day with the father of a 5-year-old boy he asked me how young was too young to teach his son to shoot. This is probably the best question I have been asked in a long time. The answer to the question is quite complicated.

I began my answer with a question. I asked him did his son want to learn how to shoot or did he want his son to learn how to shoot. His answer was that he wanted his son to learn how to shoot. My answer to him was his son was too young. When I asked the question I was hoping the answer was his son wanted to learn, sadly that was not the case. But all is not lost, I got the inspiration to write this post.

First I must get this out-of-the-way. When a young boy or girl expresses an interest in learning to shoot it is important to ask them why they want to learn. If they have no answer or an incorrect answer they should not be taught. Your gut instinct should be able to differentiate between an incorrect and a correct answer.

To answer the question of how young is too young. No two children are the same, and contrary to popular opinion children are no smarter today than when we were children. It only seems that children are smarter now because we live in a different time and children of today learn differently than we did, they have more gadgets at their disposal.

First and foremost they must be learn and understand the safe rules of handling a firearm and firearm safety. If the child can comprehend this then they are old enough to begin the process.

An age and size appropriate rifle, not a hand gun, must be selected. As always I recommend a single shot 22 cal. rifle, break open or bolt-action capable of shooting shorts, longs and long rifle. The parent must be thoroughly familiar with firearms and firearms safety, if any bad habits have developed overtime, and most of us have some, correct that before you teach bad habits. There will be times when the parent will find themselves being both a parent and a friend and have the patience of a saint. Many hours of familiarization will be required for identification and purpose of the components. Sight alignment and sight picture is an important lesson to be taught. Many more hours for teaching routine cleaning and maintenance. The child must learn to respect the rifle not only for what it is but what it can do, the child must not be taught to fear the rifle. Respect and fear are not the same thing and are never compatible. All of this before the first cartridge is put in the chamber. This is very important, NEVER dry fire a 22 cal. anything.

The child may or may not express an interest in hunting, but either way sign up for a hunters safety course, as safety is the main purpose of the course. Some even offer range time with a lot of supervision again safety. Whether or not the parent is a hunter the course will do you some good, call it refresher training. The parent and child can attend the same classes, some call this bonding, so sign up and bond.

Range time, a real range with a real backstop, not a can in front of a tree in the backyard. Remember the child is a novice shooter not an experienced marksman, missing the 10 is okay even missing the whole target is okay. You and the child can work on marksmanship skills at a latter date. Having fun safely is the goal.